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Unite - Super Premium Plaster

It is a white based plaster which gives superior application than conventional plaster and local POP. As Unite – Super Premium Plaster does not require water curing it in turn reduces the structural load on the building. Packing for Unite – Super Premium Plaster is done in 25 kg bag.


  • Smooth and matt finish texture.
  • Fire protection.
  • Thermal resistance shrinkage and crack free.
  • Excellent adhesive property.
  • Imparts high coverage - 92 m2/T

Technical Details:

 Parameter  Unit   Range
 Dry Bulk Density   Kg/m3  698
 Wet Bulk Density   g/cm3  1.4 – 1.5
 Initial Setting Time  Minutes   20 - 21
 Final Setting Time  Minutes  21 - 23
 Approx. Coverage  m2/T  85-90

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